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Our pricing for a small to medium size sites.

(most sites fall into this category)
No Long Term Commitment

One time web site optimization

$ 750.00

This fee includes:

  1. Two months of service.
  2. Initial website analysis.
  3. Page re-wording as necessary.
  4. Analyzing your products, services and market.
  5. Updating meta keywords.
  6. Updating meta descriptions.
  7. Re-writing sitemap.xml, ror.xml and urllist.txt.
  8. Submission to all major search engines.
  9. Dailey Monitoring of changes in search engine positions.
  10. Weekly progress report (for 2 months).

This process takes an average of two months to complete. You should begin to see increased traffic by the end of this time and significant grow within 6 months.

Pricing varies with the size and complexity of web sites.


Monthly Website Monitoring

If you want to stay on top
No Long Term Commitment

$ 250.00

No Long Term Commitment

This fee includes:

  1. Continuing website analysis.
  2. Continuing page re-wording as necessary.
  3. Continuing analyses of products, services and market.
  4. Continuing meta keywords update as necessary.
  5. Continuing meta descriptions update as necessary.
  6. Monitoring visitor's search phrases.
  7. Monitoring "bounce rate".
  8. Monitoring entrance and exit pages.
  9. Monitoring visitor's geographic data.
  10. Monitoring visitor's browser data.
  11. Continuing writing sitemap.xml, ror.xml and urllist.txt.
  12. Continuing submission to all major search engines.
  13. Dailey Monitoring of changes in search engine positions.
  14. Weekly progress report.

Pricing varies with the size and complexity of web sites.


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