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Q. I paid a lot of money for my web site and like the way it looks, will the appearance change?

A. No, in most cases you won't notice any changes to the appearance of your site. Our optimization process is mostly behind the scenes. There may be minor rewording to your web pages, any major changes that we feel necessary will be discussed with you and would be made with your approval.

Q. Can you improve the ranking of any website?

A. In almost all cases yes. We have improved the ranking of all sites we have taken on as clients. If you are interested in our services we will first examine your site, (there is no charge for this service). We will then let you know if there is a potential for ranking improvements.

Q. Can you tell me the specifics of how you optimize a web site?

Our processes have been developed over many years of training, hard work and trail and error. That said, we can not give out specifics of our processes, (our competitors would love to know how we do it). We do provide our customers with a log of our efforts and the ranking progress.

Q. What information do you need from me to get started?

A. The answer is, as much as we can get. Follow this link for more information on the subject

Q. I saw an add on the internet that guaranteed #1 ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. How can they do that?

A. No one can guarantee #1 placement for relevant search words or phrases.
Lets say that you own "Joe's Hardware Store" in Big City Florida. If your web site is established on the internet, I could search for "Joe's Hardware Store 123 Main Street Big City Florida" and chances are your site would come up number one, but what if I searched for "hardware Florida", "paint Big City" or "nuts and bolts southeast? These are relevant search phrases. Where would your site appear using these terms?

Q. I received a brochure from a company that stated, they could increase our traffic overnight. Is that possible?

A. No it is not. Companies that make these promises, are not being honest and should be avoided. At Azteco we evaluate your web site, your products, services, keywords, analyze your website traffic and your specific market. We then optimize your pages accordingly. These changes take time to be adsorbed into search engines, usually you will begin seeing results in about two months with increasing traffic as time goes by. If you wish we will continue to monitor your traffic, see what search phrases are working best and adjust your pages to insure the best possible placement.

Q. An employee with our company tried to optimize our site and we were dropped from Google, Why?

A. Search engines have strict rules and guidelines as to what you can and cannot do, if you violate these rules you will be penalized or even dropped. We adhere strictly to Google guidelines and do not use tactics they make your site appear to be getting more hits when it's not.

Q. Will you accept any web site as a client?

A. we reserve the right to refuse any website which is defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, anti American, discriminatory against any social or racial group, or in violation of ANY law


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